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Our first-ever burger collaboration is here as Burger Days and Mad Fox Brewing Company have teamed up to present a chicken and waffle-burger mashup, the Cluck Moo, for Falls Church Restaurant Week.

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A Burger Days-approved base for a full-day's worth of drinking.

In between the Guinness and shots of Jameson, St. Patrick's Day revelers are going to need something to soak up all that booze.

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Starting today, we're introducing a new feature called Burger Days: DIY, where we'll share some of the crazy, batshit meat monsters we come up with in our kitchen and then let you know how to make it at home.

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Do these soak up the booze any better than their regular fries? (Photo: Shake Shack)

Starting Friday, the special spuds come out at Shake Shack when the annual "When Irish Fries Are Smiling" return to the scene for St. Patrick's Day.

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Since November, Nage executive chef Dwayne Motley has been serving up to five off-the-menu burgers every Monday night during the Dupont restaurant's new "Burger Monday" promotion.

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