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This one will soak up plenty of booze.

Because some of us just can't wait until tomorrow, Mad Fox brings Thanksgiving to the plate a day early with their Epic Burger today. In a month of bird burgers, this one just might top them all.

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Every once in a (long) while, we dust off our cummerbunds, put on the one collared shirt we own and head to a fancy-ass joint to get down with the beef and bread. Earlier this month, we did just that as we hit up the swanky Capital Grille* in Tysons for a look at their Wagyu and Wine promotion.

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Because there just isn't enough turkey and stuffing in November, this month's crop of BOTMs is overflowing with the holiday staples.

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Whatever, Canada. We got our own Halloween candy-stuffed burger.

This year, Dogfish Head Alehouse's Halloween creation stuffs Reese's Pieces candies in with the beef and then slathers the top of the patty with peanut butter and bacon.

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Oktoberfest should be a holiday. (Photo: BTS)

It's a bratwurst kinda month as two area joints bust out Oktoberfest burgs, another goes double decker on us and an excommunicated burger makes a unnecessary comeback.

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