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Save the date, D.C.: Plan B, the burger, bourbon and beer specialists have set Monday, November 3 as the day for their grand opening on Pennsylvania Avenue.

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"It took Jeter 14 years to win five titles. I did it in SIX!" Josh Capon screamed to a horde of greasy, beef-stuffed revelers in New York City last Friday night.

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For the past three months, we've been stuffing our faces with just about everything we can get our hands on, slowly but surely stretching our stomachs to their very limit. We call it training. Our wives call it disgusting.

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The first of a new crop of "burger bar" restaurants set to infiltrate the area is just about here. Plan B Burger Bar announced that its upcoming D.C. location, coming to Pennsylvania Avenue, is – finally!– on track to open by the end of the month.

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Only one burger this month is new to the D.C. scene. That's weak. This month's crop includes two BOTM repeats (including one from last month), one former regular menu burger and a single new creation. Let's get to 'em...

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