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As if we needed yet another reason to pack on some extra poundage before Thanksgiving.

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It takes a pretty out-of-this-fucking-world burger to get our jaws to drop but the Crew's collective mandibles hit the floor when we stumbled upon the Burger of the Week at Dogfish Head Alehouse in Fairfax.

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In a month where brat burgers are everywhere, a plain Jane burger rises to the top of the meaty pile.

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Save the date, D.C.: Plan B, the burger, bourbon and beer specialists have set Monday, November 3 as the day for their grand opening on Pennsylvania Avenue.

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"It took Jeter 14 years to win five titles. I did it in SIX!" Josh Capon screamed to a horde of greasy, beef-stuffed revelers in New York City last Friday night.

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