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National Hamburger Week has come and gone and so has any chance of fitting into our Speedos this summer.

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Right Proper Brewing Company appreciates the wonderfulness of that gelatinous meat brick known as Spam and, along with its less-processed form, has created the No Ka Oi burger for National Hamburger Week.

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Unapologetically gluttonous, the Del Ray burger joint has created yet another diet-unfriendly special that we're not going to tell our doctors about.

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DCity Smokehouse is known for its ribs and its chopped pork and its brisket and its smoked meat-filled sandwiches, not so much its burgers. But that's a mistake.

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This "big dirty uncle of the banh mi" wraps the flavors of a Vietnamese sandwich with Weiss' signature beef blend and then tosses them all in the fryer.

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