On 4/20, Burger Days Does the Luther

burgerdayslutherregularbest2 OK, we're idiots, we know. But hear us out. Yesterday was April 20th and while most of the 4/20-observing world was busy getting blazed, we were honoring the birthday of the man who, as legend has it, put the doughnut burger on the menu: the heavyweight of soul himself, Luther Vandross.
For those ignorant to the heart-attack-on-a-plate of our dreams, a proper Luther is a burger that ditches the bun for a glazed doughnut. Yeah, for real. But since this is Burger Days, we always crank that shit up.
For our tribute to Mr. Vandross, we used TWO vanilla glazed Astro doughnuts as the buns along with a double-stack of half-pound cheeseburgers topped with bacon. And since everything is better with an egg in the mix, we tossed one in there, too. Oh, yeah — that egg just so happened to be one of the Cadbury Creme variety we had still hanging out in our Easter baskets.
Believe that.
Here's to you, Luther. Happy birthday, big guy.
(We also made a light version, too. You know, because we're not totally disgusting.)

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