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As modern-day, greasy Paladins, we're always down for a burger trek – especially when the trip gets us out of frigid D.C. in February.

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We just got our hands on the SoBe Burger Bash menu and our excitement has turned into full-fledged hysteria after perusing the lineup for this Friday's event.

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Imagine someone slapping down a giant beef magnet in the middle of South Beach, and not only does that magnet suck in a plethora of ridiculously good burgers, but it also manages to attract an endless supply of beer. That was the 2012 Amstel Light Burger Bash. We can die now.

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The 2012 South Beach Burger Bash was simply amazing. A brief recap of our night: Burger. Burger. Boozer. Burger. Boozer. Repeat ten times. We won't eat for a month.

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We're always up for a trek when it comes to burgering, but if that trek involves Miami and 30+ burgers from the some of the best-known burg chefs in the biz-- we're there with beefy bells on.

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