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As modern-day, greasy Paladins, we're always down for a burger trek – especially when the trip gets us out of frigid D.C. in February.

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The Burger Days Crew doesn't discriminate when it comes to goodness. We've already burgered our way through Connecticut so on our latest trip to the Nutmeg State, we ditched the beef-and-bun and instead deposited a whole helluva lot of other tastiness inside us. In Part 1, we tackle Bear's Smokehouse.

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Wherever we go, we look for burgers. It's just a fact of our greasy, perpetually-hungry lives. And while our day-to-day adventures are through the streets of the D.C., when we head out of town, our mission doesn't end at the border.

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Not long after taking on four burgers in less than an hour, I found myself knocking back beers in a crowd of complete strangers while listening to a band called Two for Flinching belt out a Justin Bieber cover on stage. How the hell did I get here?

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In preparation for our impending beef bender tonight at the Burger Bash, we hit up LoKal Burgers & Beer-- a new joint in Coconut Grove that we can only describe as phenomenal.

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