national hamburger month


The beefiest time of the year is nearly upon us and we're going all out in our celebration this go 'round.

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We down burgers on the regular but we always kick it up a notch the second week of May and go seven-in-seven for National Hamburger Week. This year is no exception as we dove mouth-first into our week-long observance with Kraze Burger on Monday.

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Whatever obese order of eaters sat down and decided to assign a food to celebrate every goddamn day, week and month of the year, picked May to exalt that beautiful patty of beef we've come to know and love. That's right, fools-- it's National Hamburger Month.

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The burger we downed last Thursday was a double-pattied, grease-laden bundle of beef and bread, smeared with special sauce and infused with globs of melted cheese. This was a fast-food burger in all its greasy fast-food glory. Except that it wasn't.

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Beef? Check. Grease? Check. Melty gooey cheese? Check. Somebody get us a bib.

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Getting into the National Hamburger Month spirit, the fancy-ass Four Seasons joint Bourbon Steak in Georgetown is offering up a special burger each week this month.

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