BEEF BRIEF: Bourbon Steak’s Take on the Double Double


The burger we downed last Thursday was a double-pattied, grease-laden bundle of beef and bread, smeared with special sauce and infused with globs of melted cheese. This was a fast-food burger in all its greasy fast-food glory. Except that it wasn't.

This masterpiece didn't come from Shake Shack or Five Guys or Z-Burger or any other of the area's quick-service spots. No, we had this beautiful beast at the oh-so-fancy Bourbon Steak in the Four Seasons. Paying tribute to West Coast burger darling In-N-Out, the Georgetown restaurant took the California-based joint's signature Double Double and made it their own during Week 3 of their National Hamburger Month celebration.

Any fears we had about a fancy joint attempting a fast-food burger icon like In-N-Out were quickly alleviated when the grease-soaked-paper wrapped creations were served to us at the bar. Giving off a greasy sheen that had our mouths watering and bellies trembling in anticipation, this wasn't a weak-ass, sterile steak joint burger. This thing was the real deal.

We took multiple approaches to tackling the double-stacked monster of a burger. Some of us went with the bartender-recommended method of keeping the paper on the burger while others decided to brave it bareback and went hands-on-bun from the beginning. Turns out, bartender knows best as the paper-less route had us elbow deep in grease and juice and left us going through napkins with the quickness. But whatever, we likes 'em sloppy.

The burgers were cooked on the money, juicy as can be, generously slathered with a 1000 Island-type sauce and topped with crisp lettuce, ripe, red slices of tomato and fully melted American cheese. We're pretty sure they went full-on Animal Style here too, as we tasted some mustard in the mix. It definitely was reminiscent of our past experiences with In-N-Out. But this was better. Much better.

We so enjoyed Bourbon Steak's fast-food homage that we so wanted to add this to our must-eat list whenever we find ourselves cavorting through the streets of G-Town.

But therein lies the rub.

The life-span of of this glorious creation was merely a week and, as of today, it is no more.

In its place is Bourbon Steak's next (and final) special burger of the month and, while it sounds like a good one (The Forager-- mushroom, foie gras duxelle, fried egg and pickled ramps), it'll be hard-pressed to top last week's gem.

Chef Sobel. Bourbon Steak. We implore you-- make the fast-food style burg a permanent fixture on the bar menu or, at the very least, bring it back from time-to-time so we can relive the greasy experience. Please. In-N-Out is just too damn far to drive.

Hot damn, do we love grease.

Bourbon Steak | 2800 Pennsylvania Avenue NW | D.C. | | @bourbonsteakdc

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