pork belly


While it won't make you squeal like a pig – at least not in that way – the Deliverance Burger is bound to elicit a few exclamations during its consumption...but, trust us, all of them good.

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Take a look at this goddamn thing. Just look at it. This is what cardiologist nightmares are made of.

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Love pork amalgamation sandwiches but just can't bring yourself to put a McRib into your face? Well you're in luck, because from now until Memorial Day you can get your pig-on-a-bun fix without the fast-food stigma.

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Sure, it may look like your typical' fried chicken sandwich, but rest assured, there ain't no bird under that batter. That, friends, is a deep fried slab of beef-- the foundation of Holy Cow's tribute to the never-came-to-be Apocalypse.

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