The Pig’s Burger Week Special Will Make You Squeal Like One…But Totally In a Good Way

thepigdeliveranceclose UPDATE: Awww yeeeahhhh! The Pig chef Michael Bonk tweeted tonight that due to The Deliverance Burger's success Monday, he's extending the special through Friday. The burger lovers have spoken! bonktweet Executive chef Michael Bonk always wanted to call one of The Pig's drinks The Deliverance but never got the chance because some thought it was too inappropriate. So when we contacted him about hooking up a special for National Hamburger Week, he saw his opening. "Burger Week was the perfect opportunity to use it," Bonk told us with a smile. pigdeliverancedetailsWhile it won't make you squeal like a pig – at least not in that way – the Deliverance Burger is bound to elicit a few exclamations during its consumption...but, trust us, all of them good. From top to bottom, the burger is pork through and through (and coming from a place called The Pig, that shouldn't be any surprise) with the foundation made up of two habanero-infused Heritage pork patties cooked in pork lard then drenched in three slices of the ooeist and gooiest yellow cheese ("I love American cheese on burgers," says Bonk). The swine continues as the pork-cooked-in-pork patties are topped with even more pork, this time in the form of a fat slab of molasses-glazed pork belly. And then, on top of all that pig is a sweet Georgian onion jam followed by "moonshine" mayo made with corn whiskey. We'd have to check but we're preeeetty sure this thing ain't kosher. The Deliverance Burger will only be available at The Pig today, Monday, in a limited amount of 50, but Bonk says if it's super successful (and after a preview over the weekend, good Lord, there's absolutely no reason why it shouldn't be), he'll do what he can to offer more during the week. PHOTO CONTEST: Snap a photo while taking any of the Burger Days National Hamburger Week burgers to the face this week and you could find yourself looking fly and well-fed for the foreseeable future. Whoever snaps the sexiest, meatiest Burger Week photos from B Side, Burger Tap & Shake, DCity Smokehouse, Holy Cow, Mad Fox, The Pig or Right Proper will get a chance to win up to $100 in gift cards from the D.C. area’s best burger makers PLUS an opportunity to dress like the Burger Days Crew with an official Burger Days National Hamburger Week t-shirt. For a chance to take home the greasy goods, share your Burger Week photos on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #7days7burgers, tag us @burgerdays and wait for the pay off. Eat burgers. Win stuff. How cool is that? thepigdeliverance3rd The Pig | 1320 14th Street NW | DC |

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