mac and cheese

Duck fat fries make everything better.

The Penn Quarter joint's Tap Burger satisfies our requirements – it's a perfectly decent and acceptable beef-and-bread combo – but we were more impressed with the side items we took down during our visit.

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Ain't no luck charms in this one. (Photo: BTS)

There's a pair of corned beef-topped Reuben burgers in the mix this month, a macaroni and cheese and fried green tomato gut bomb, a loaded patty melt and some weak-ass – but, hey, it's new! – stuff from the Burger Palace. Happy March BOTMs, everybody!

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There's just four days to go until we get up close and personal with a menagerie of meat in Miami and the anticipation is damn near killing us. So, in hopes of keeping our hunger demons at bay, we'd thought we'd try recreating one of the 31 burgers on Friday's menu.

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Take a look at this goddamn thing. Just look at it. This is what cardiologist nightmares are made of.

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Any questions?

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