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There must have been a sale on Sriracha because three out of five burgers feature the Thai chili sauce all up in the mix this month.

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We've got two Sriracha-drenched burgers this month, a cheese-stuffed lamb burger and one that's overloaded by condiments.

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Sure, it may look like your typical' fried chicken sandwich, but rest assured, there ain't no bird under that batter. That, friends, is a deep fried slab of beef-- the foundation of Holy Cow's tribute to the never-came-to-be Apocalypse.

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There's a trio of seasonal BOTMs this month as two give a nod to revelry on Bourbon Street and one does its best Cupid impression. And while the fourth eschews all February festivities, it still holds a special place in our greasy hearts.

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As we roll into 2012, the new year kicks off with a new slate of BOTMs, including a brand-new joint's introduction to the lineup of special monthly burgers. Also this month, one burg is only available two days of the week, another hooks up with everybody's favorite Thai hot sauce and, once again, the Food Network star's spot gives D.C. a swift kick to the nuts.

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