Battles. Cook offs. Showdowns. They can be called many things but to paraphrase the Bard: "That which we call a burger bash by an other name would taste as deliciously greasy."

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Like moths to a flame, so are our bellies to burger battles. And this Sunday, our collective stomachs will be flocking to Poste for the 4th annual Brainfood Burger Battle.

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With the sun and rain battling for supremacy in the sky, 10 of D.C.'s top chefs battled in the courtyard of Poste Moderne Brasserie Sunday, hoping to walk away victorious from Brainfood's first-ever D.C. Burger Battle. After all was said and eaten, The Source's Scott Drewno won both the Judges' and Chefs' vote with host Dennis Marron of Poste taking home the People's Choice award.

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Three hours of all you can eat burgers, all you can drink boozers AND it's just a Metro ride away? It may not be South Beach, but with 10 of D.C.'s top chefs going head-to-head in a burger battle right in our own back yard next month, we think this will be even better.

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While Poste is not the typical joint where we dine on the burgs –we actually have to look presentable when making an appearance here– the menu still packs some solid beefy action.

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