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When the grease and the smoke cleared, the burgers from Brine Restaurant's John Critchley and The Commodore's Travis Weiss were the big winners at the first annual D.C. Burger Throwdown on Sunday.

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While Scott Drewno's main focus at the highly-acclaimed Asian fusion restaurant The Source may be different from what he'll be grilling up this weekend at the D.C. Burger Throwdown, when it comes to burger battles, he's batting 1.000.

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In less than three weeks, seven of the D.C. area's greatest burger creators are coming together in an epic battle of the beef to prove who's best.

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With the sun and rain battling for supremacy in the sky, 10 of D.C.'s top chefs battled in the courtyard of Poste Moderne Brasserie Sunday, hoping to walk away victorious from Brainfood's first-ever D.C. Burger Battle. After all was said and eaten, The Source's Scott Drewno won both the Judges' and Chefs' vote with host Dennis Marron of Poste taking home the People's Choice award.

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Three hours of all you can eat burgers, all you can drink boozers AND it's just a Metro ride away? It may not be South Beach, but with 10 of D.C.'s top chefs going head-to-head in a burger battle right in our own back yard next month, we think this will be even better.

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