While we didn't come close to the epic levels of beef consumption we're known to take part in, our seven-day burger run for National Hamburger Week was a fun, greasy sprint through some of our favorite burger spots in the D.C. area. We hit up a POTUS-endorsed joint (Ray's Hell Burger), fancy-ass restaurants (2941, Central), knocked off two BOTMs (BGR and BBP), downed a burg from a pizza place (Orso) and ate ourselves in burger form (brgr:shack.) All-in-all it was a completely successful --and tasty-- seven-day celebration of the beef. If it didn't necessitate wearing pants with an elastic waistband for the rest of our lives, we could definitely get used to this burger-a-day thing. (And now back to our year-long celebration of the beef.) A recap of Burger Days' run through National Hamburger Week 2012:

Day 1: Central

One of the umpteenth burgers deemed the best of D.C., we thought there was no better way to start our week of beef revelry. The dry-aged Central beef burger is the definition of fancy-ass, served with confit tomato, a house-made mayo and several potato tuiles (for the layman, that's wafers). Read more on our Burger Week Day 1 burg.  

Day 2: Ray's Hell Burger

We were feeling the need for some heat on Day 2, so we poured one out and hooked up the Big Punisher-- a diablo burger with pepper jack, charred jalapenos, grilled onions and Piranha Sauce.  Check out the deets on the Terror Squad favorite.  

Day 3: BGR The Burger Joint

One of our favorites from all of last year, the pulled pork and slaw topped BOTM, the White Trash, was on the menu for Day 3. All that was missing from our BGR burg was a PBR and a double-wide. Flip on Jerry Springer and check out our words.  

Day 4: brgr:shack

It's hard to pass up a burger named after yourself. There's no way to avoid bias here, so we'll just come out and say it: this thing kicks-ass. Find out what the brgr:days burger will do to your belly.  

Day 5: Pizzeria Orso

If there's one food out there that makes us all antsy in our pantsy as much as burgers do, it's pizza. So when the stars and planets aligned and Eater DC declared last week Pizza Week --the SAME week as National Hamburger Week-- well, hell, we just about passed out. Does it get any better than a burger paired with a pie?  

Day 6: 2941 Restaurant

FACT: 2941 Restaurant is the absolute best place in the D.C. area to grab a burger and watch freakishly huge goldfish swim around in a pond. We guarantee it. Catch the scoop on the fish-friendly Falls Church joint.  

Day 7: Bobby's Burger Palace

Just look at that picture for a second. Look at those beautiful strips of pig candy projecting towards the screen, beckoning you in for a pork-y embrace. Take note D.C. burger slingers: this is how you do bacon.   

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