National Hamburger Week Day 4: brgr:shack, Arlington


It's hard to pass up a burger named after yourself.

Day 4 of National Burger Week took us to brgr:shack in Arlington to get a piece of our namesake, the brgr:days. There's no way to avoid bias here, so we'll just come out and say it: this thing kicks-ass.

A recap of our experience:

Just the slightest pressure on the top of the brioche unleashed the yolk from a runny fried egg sending a gooey river of orange pouring over the side of the beef. The egg proceeded to soak into the bottom bun, instantly affecting the integrity of the lower-half of our burger. Despite the yolk-y infiltration, we had high hopes it would last through our meal. Our optimism was short-lived, however, as just three bites later the bottom bun had disintegrated into a bready mush.

This burger is not for the squeamish.

Bun sustainability aside, the rest of the mix was on point. The crispy pickle slices contributed a welcome crunch to the messy conglomeration of egg, cheese, bacon and beef and the sweetness of the BBQ sauce was just enough to tickle our taste buds and avoided masking the other flavors.

A heads up-- brgr:shack's patties come seasoned with a heavy dose of black pepper, so if that ain't your thing, be sure and let them know to take it easy with the spice.

On the fry front, brgr:shack's new truffled french fries are pretty good-- you just gotta decide if a bit of truffle oil is worth an extra buck.

(While the brgr:days burger can't be found on the menu and is no longer available as a BOTM, if you ask them to hook it up, they'll be able to throw it together.)

brgr:shack | 4125 N. Fairfax Drive | Arlington |  | @brgrshack

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