National Hamburger Week Day 3: BGR The Burger Joint, D.C., Maryland & Virginia


Continuing our beef-filled run through National Hamburger Week, we took on BGR's May BOTM on Day 3. One of our favorites from all of 2011, we're happy to see the BBQ pulled pork-topped burger go back to its original moniker, the White Trash, after getting all P.C. on us last year as the 'Cue. You can take the burger out of the trailer park, but we'll be damned if you can take the trailer park out of the burger... As for our tussle with the White Trash, surprisingly, we found it noticeably different than last year's encounter. In fact, when comparing photos from the 2011 and 2012 versions, they looked like totally different burgers. The pulled pork, which on last year's 'Cue was generously slathered up with sauce, was much less dressed this go-round though the tenderness and moistness of the meat didn't leave use missing it all that much. It was actually a welcome change from the sickeningly sweet and overly saucy BBQ pork burger we had earlier this month at a certain other joint. Our only real gripe with the White Trash was the lack of coleslaw-- instead of an oozing pile of crisp, creamy slaw, it was treated more like an afterthought with just a small dollop spread on top of the pork. All minor gripes aside, the White Trash is still near, if not at, the top of our list of favorite BOTMs of all-time. BGR doesn't cut corners with the pulled pork-- they come correct with some seriously flavorful stuff. Add a quality slab of well-seasoned, cooked-to-order beef and a fresh buttered bun to the mix and all that's missing is a PBR and a double-wide. BGR The Burger Joint | 9 Locations in D.C., Maryland and Virginia | | @bgrburgerjoint  

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