Ray’s Hell Burger Is Closed & We Hope to God It’s Temporary [FREAKING THE FUCK OUT]

IMG_20130115_202910 UPDATE 2: "For Rent" signs spotted in the windows of both Hell Burger and Nice 'n' Greasy. Let the weeping commence. UPDATE: ARLNow reports that it's a landlord-tenant dispute. Not good. Not good at all. (Oh, and free burgers on Saturday and Sunday at Ray's the Third.) OK everybody, don't freak the fuck out, but some disturbing news comes to our attention today by way of Reddit. We hope to God it's merely temporary but it appears that Ray's Hell Burger is, at least momentarily, shuttered. Burger Days has confirmed that Ray's Hell Burger and sister-restaurant Nice 'n' Greasy Steak 'n' Cheesy were indeed both closed (as of Tuesday) with notes on doors of the two establishments urging diners to visit Rays3 "while we take a quick break." This isn't the first (Or second. Or third) time that Michael Landrum's joints in the tiny Arlington strip mall have closed their doors unexpectedly. In October of 2011, Hell Burger Too shut down to become Steak and Cheese but two months later, reversed course and went back to burgers . Then last May, the spot switched up once again and became Nice 'n' Greasy, Steak 'n' Cheesy. Got all that? We have no idea if this is another Ray's restaurant switch up or if it's, in fact, just a temporary closure at the start of a new year. Is it just a staff shortage (a couple of redditors mentioned they've seen employees of Hell Burger and Nice 'n' Greasy working shifts at Rays3 ) or could it be something more serious?
We hope to see a return of The Mack soon. Real soon.

We hope to see a return of The Mack soon. Real soon.

We closed out 2012 with a visit to Hell Burger just two-and-a-half weeks ago on New Year's Eve and we've got our greasy fingers crossed hoping that we'll have plenty of more visits in 2013. Ray’s Hell Burger | 1725 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington | 703-841-0001 Thanks to @addc for scoping out the joints.

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