Ray’s Hell Burger Too Closes Its Doors [UPDATE: It’s Now Steak & Cheese!]

UPDATE: ARLnow.com says a steak and cheese joint from Landrum has now taken over the Hell Burger Too space. It ain't burgers, but shit, does it look good. And, they've got tater tots on the menu! Yeah buddy.  Ok, don't panic. Ray's Hell Burger is still alive and well at its spot in Arlington, but it appears its slightly fancier, sister restaurant just down the strip mall is closed. At least for the time being... ARLnow.com reports that the sit-down, game-burger slinging, booze-serving version of Hell Burger is now shuttered with a sign announcing a "big new surprise" coming soon. The article says that the Ray's-empire's Michael Landrum will be opening up a new concept restaurant in the space, but is scant on further details. Landrum says the new joint will be "down and dirty" at a "working-man friendly price point" and hopes for a quick turnaround, perhaps opening by November 1. Whatever it is, we hope, somehow, burgers are involved...    

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