National Hamburger Week Day 3: Red Apron Butcher, Merrifield & Union Market


The Porkstramburger.

We'd like to introduce you to the Porkstramburger: a Red Apron Butcher burger topped with their pastrami-style pork, a bacon mustard aioli, pork jus and sauerkraut; it was our indulgence on Day 3 of National Hamburger Week. You won't find it anywhere on the menu (at least not yet) but if you dare to do a little sandwich splicing, you too can put this thing in your belly and a smile on your face. It's also imperative we let you know that Red Apron's Merrifield location is now serving hand cut, beef-fat french fries seasoned with rosemary and garlic. And they're every bit as delicious as they sound.

Eat these.

Red Apron Butcher | 8298 Glass Alley | Fairfax | Union Market | DC |

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