brgr:shack Menu Makeover Makes the Juicy Lucy Full-Time [Hell Yes]


Welcome to the Show, Mr. Lucy.

Arlington's brgr:shack just unveiled a new, simpler and lower-priced menu last week that ditches some items but, most importantly, adds a cheesy ball of beef to the mix. Gone are the salads (good riddance) and the picturesque fancy:zola burger with its unmistakable pumpernickel bun and in their stead comes a lineup that now includes smaller, 1/4 pound patties and what we're most giddy about, a permanent spot on the menu for their March BOTM. The popular Juicy Lucy ($8) –a cheddar and blue cheese stuffed burger topped with even more cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, Shack sauce and caramelized onions– was such a hit this month, it made the jump from limited-time to all-the-time*. We're getting fatter just thinking about it. With the menu shakeup also comes a shakeup in prices. Signatures burgers the m:brgr (cheeseburger) and yum:brgr (burger with avocado, tomato and brie) see a 50 cent and $1 drop respectively while the build-your-own-burger gets a buck cheaper. Per the new pricing scheme, a 1/2 pound bacon cheeseburger from brgr runs just six bucks-- one of the best deals for a burger of that size and quality in the D.C. area. Also helping out the wallet: their combo meal specials are now available all day long. *While the new menu is now the only one available at the restaurant, we're told this is still a limited-time deal and depending on feedback, it may change again in the future.   brgr:shack | 4125 N. Fairfax Drive | Arlington | | @brgrshack 


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