juicy lucy

Gusher guts.

Day 2 of Burger Week saw us hit up one of our longtime favorites. In the D.C. burger game, Ray's Hell Burger is one of the veteran players, churning out the goods in Arlington since 2008.

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Cheese makes everything better and nobody can tell us different.

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As Fall rolls in, so does a seasonal BOTM, a Minnesotan specialty and two burgs ready to light up your face holes.

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Cheese lovers rejoice-- the Juicy Lucy, the Minnesota-born burger that flips the script and puts the good stuff inside the beef, now has a permanent place on the new menu at Arlington's brgr:shack. And naturally, it warranted a taste test from the Crew.

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Arlington's brgr:shack just unveiled a new, simpler and lower-priced menu last week that ditches some items but, most importantly, adds a cheesy ball of beef to the mix.

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