National Burger Week 2015 Wrap Up: We Ate a Hell of a Lot of Meat

As we reach the end up a meat-tastic month filled with burgers on burgers on burgers, we take some time to reflect back on our Seven Burgers in Seven Days celebration for National Hamburger Week. During the week of May 10 - 16, almost 500 limited-time Burger Days burgers were consumed at the seven participating restaurants – that's more than 218 pounds of meat including an average of 65 Burger Week specials a day made up of more than 10 pounds of pimento cheese, a gallon of chili and eight containers of everyone's favorite meat in a can. In our totally unscientific poll, readers selected Mad Fox's gut bomb, the BanhMiBurgerChanga, as their favorite, followed closely by the porkrageous Deliverance Burger from The Pig. When it came to burger consumption, 26% of readers ate two or three burgers on the week, 19% ate four burgers, 13% of readers took down just one, a small but elite 3% ate a magnificent five, six or SEVEN burgers and a sad, sad 6% of readers had no burgers during Burger Week. We weep for their bellies. For the Burger Week photo contest, top honors went to Instagram user Fried Burrito who nabs a fly-as-can-be Burger Days Burger Week t-shirt and bounty of burger joint gift cards while runners up include another Instagrammer, Fab0412, and Twitter user @GenDV138, each earning a gift card for even more free burgers. Congrats guys! Greasy job well done, everyone, but keep those stomachs in shape – there's just 11 and a half more months until Burger Week 2016... burgerweekwrapupinfographic2015

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