The Best Burgers We’ve Eaten This Year So Far

Being the fanatical burger gurus that we are, we're constantly being asked what we think is the best burger in D.C. This is not a simple question and there is no simple answer. Some argue consistency is important when choosing a best burger and we don't entirely disagree. However, burger quality at a joint varies from visit to visit-- even from table to table. We can't count the times we've bitched about an overcooked mess only to look over and see a guy at the table next to us scarfing down a cooked-to-a-tee burger beauty. And vice-versa. This occurs everywhere, from the very best restaurants to the dives. We're not going to penalize a burger we loved just because someone else got a stinker. In addition, we've always been critical of other media who put out best burger lists because, frankly, it's just lazy. Sure, the posts will garner hits and views but that's because people love lists. And we're not gonna lie, we eat that shit up too. But they're rarely representative of the best of anything. Most of the time, the authors of these lists either never venture outside the already-established heavy hitters in the burger game or try to be different and stay away from the big boys. And those "Best Of" reader polls? Just popularity contests. Instead of posting a similar, half-assed list, we're introducing the Burger Days' Best Burgers We've Eaten This Year feature reflecting the tastiest bundles of beef and bun we've had the pleasure of eating in the D.C.-area this annum. We won't guarantee any of these are D.C.'s best burgers, but on the days we sat down and stuffed them into our grills, they made us all tingly inside and secured themselves a spot in our Top 5. We have a pretty good idea if you order one of these up, you'll get a similar feeling. This will be a fluid, ever-evolving list, and as the year goes on, it will undoubtedly change as we put more notches in our burger belts. We'll also be keeping track of the burgers that fall in and out of the top spots. We encourage our readers to weigh in with their thoughts and opinions on these burgs as well as to offer up their own beefy faves; we'll use your tips and suggestions for future burger expeditions. Best Burgers We've Eaten This Year will be a permanent addition to Burger Days and can be found at the top of each page, above our logo. You can peep our inaugural selections below (in no particular order):  

Best Burgers We've Eaten 2011

Last ranking change: July 14, 2011  

New Jack Zing from Ray's Hell Burger

Feasted on June 2, 2011 A cajun spiced-rubbed 10 oz. patty with pepper jack cheese, grilled onions, charred jalapenos and roasted garlic. More on the New Jack Zing in Burgers From Hell Ray's Hell Burger | 1713 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington | (703) 841-0001  

One Eye from Stoney's

Feasted on March 19, 2011 Patty with a fried egg, Swiss cheese and added bacon. More on the One Eye in This Is a Burger Stoney's | 1433 P St NW Washington, D.C. |  

Cue from BGR

Feasted June 30, 2011 BGR's June 2011 Burger of the Month. Patty with pulled pork BBQ and coleslaw. More on the Cue in Hide Yo' Kids, Hide Yo' Wife, We're Eating Everything 'Round Here BGR The Burger Joint | 3129 Lee Highway, Arlington |  

Cheeseburger from Palena

Feasted April 23, 2011 A 7 oz., Angus patty with Sottocenere al Tartufo cheese and a house mayonnaise on a homemade brioche bun. More on Palena's cheeseburger in Palena's Simple Burger is a Flavor Beast Palena | 3529 Connecticut Avenue NW Washington, D.C. |  

Open City Burger from Open City

Feasted on July 3, 2011  An 80/20 Hereford beef patty with aged white cheddar and double-smoked bacon on a sesame-seeded potato bun. More on the Open City burger in Burgers, Booze & Bison Highlight Burger Days IV  Open City | 2331 Calvert St. NW Washington, D.C. |   

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