This Week in Burger Days: A BD IV Recap, Our Favorite Burgs & ThunderCats? No!

Loads of Burger Days action this week-- we've got a recap of all the greasy, artery-clogging goodness of Burger Days IV, an update on Thunder Burger's new wild animal promotion and the five best burgers we've shoved into our faces so far this year. Tip up your cup and throw your hands up and click your way into This Week in Burger Days...  

We Drank, We Ate, We Drank Some More

We started Burger Days IV on fire, knocking out two burgers in record time, but when a planned 15-minute stop for a drink turned into a two-and-a-half-hour boozefest, our burger plans were thrown for a loop. In the end, amid the pints, shots, beer funnels and planking, we conquered three more D.C. burgers and had one hell of a good time. [ Burgers, Booze & Bison Highlight Burger Days IV ]  

Thunder Burger Ditches the Cats

The news of Thunder Burger's new Wild Wednesday promotion got us all giddy as we're never ones to pass up alternative, four-legged animal burgers. But when word got out they were considering serving up the granddaddy of all felines, some animal groups started buggin'. This week, the Georgetown joint issued a statement promising that not only won't they be serving any cats, but dogs and horses are off-limits as well. Thank God. [ Thunder Burger Says 'No' to Lion Burgers ]  

Our Favorite Burgers This Year

We eat a lot of burgers. I mean A LOT of burgers. Many of them are good, several are really good and even less are great. But then, there's a select few that we put head and shoulders above the rest. Are they D.C.'s best burgers? Maybe. Maybe not. All we know is on the days we ate these bad boys, they gave us that feeling we usually only get when we watch Cinemax After Dark. [ The Best Burgers We've Eaten This Year So Far ]  

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