john critchley

Travis Weiss's People's Champion will be available at The Commodore all week long.

Now that the D.C. Burger Throwdown is but a greasy memory, there's just one thing left to do: EAT MORE BURGERS.

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When the grease and the smoke cleared, the burgers from Brine Restaurant's John Critchley and The Commodore's Travis Weiss were the big winners at the first annual D.C. Burger Throwdown on Sunday.

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We're nursing hangovers and still a little damp from the meat sweats but the first annual D.C. Burger Throwdown at The Commodore was a rousing, rousing greasy success.

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We fell in love with John Critchley's burger the very first time we ate it. And then again the second time. Then on the third. And so on and so on...

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In less than three weeks, seven of the D.C. area's greatest burger creators are coming together in an epic battle of the beef to prove who's best.

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