National Hamburger Week Day 5: BGR The Burger Joint, D.C., Maryland & Virginia



We hit up BGR for Day 5 of National Burger Week and since we were feeling particularly carnivorous, we went with the meatiest burger we could find on the menu: the Cuban.

BGR's take stays pretty true to the traditional sandwich with roast pork, ham, Swiss cheese and pickles, though they do go with the fancier Dijon rather than yellow mustard. All of the above, along with a seasoned beef patty, lies between a brioche bun which gets compacted down via grill press. The result is a compressed hunk of meat-on-meat-on-meat that conveys all the flavors you'd expect from a Cuban sandwich with a burger in the middle, though one particular ingredient was impossible to ignore.

Now we like pickles --we really do-- and we understand the integral role they play in a Cuban, but this burger came with eight chunky chips of them which was about five chips too many. I mean, eight pickles? That's Strasburger territory. In this situation, it was a case of briney overkill and covered up the best part of the whole thing: the meat. So we were forced to remove the excess and used them to construct a mini mountain on the side of our plate.

And sitting alongside Mt. Pickle, rather than fries, we opted for grilled asparagus because vegetables totally balance out a greasy hunk of beef and pork.


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