National Hamburger Week 2014 Day 5: One Night Stand With a Burger

tedsburgerweek He had us at burger. But then again at Cabernet onion jam. And once more at poached egg. Finally, our heads exploded at the mention of bacon fat mayo. Ted's Bulletin Capitol Hill chef Travis Weiss won our hearts and our stomachs when he created this salacious stack of sin in recognition of National Burger Week on Friday. "It's been a while, but I'm coming out of hiding with a burger in honor of your burger week," Weiss wrote to us on Instagram yesterday. And holy shit, did he ever. The hallmark of the burger was a Cabernet onion jam, a deliciously sweet amalgamation of goodness that Weiss slow-cooked for 12 hours overnight. The jam was joined by white American cheese, bacon, BACON FAT MAYO, a perfectly runny poached egg, lettuce and tomato on top of an 80-20 flat-top seared, half-pound Angus beef patty. It was a sloppy. It was drippy. It was amazing. The only downside to this burger was its limited availability. Much like a one-night stand, our experience with the beefy beauty consisted of moments of pure bliss, messy hands, several beers and a stack of napkins. And then -POOF!- it was gone. We didn't even catch its name**. In the end, our only solace was the cryptic note left on our night stand*, teasing us of greasy delights to come: "Stay tuned for more burger specials..." Ted's Bulletin | 505 8th Street SE | DC | *AKA email **Weiss tells us it's called The Alberta Love Triangle. Which totally fits with our analogy and makes it that much more awesome.

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