BRB Coming with Touchscreens, Apps & Your Very Own Burger Diary

Earlier this week, we broke the news on a new burger joint coming to Reston Town Center, and now after speaking with the folks at the upcoming Be Right Burger, or BRB, we've got more deets, including some futuristic burger-ordering tech. First up is the beef. As was teased on their coming-soon signs, they're following the recent good-for-you-burger trend and will serve up all-natural, hormone- and antibiotic-free Angus beef from a nearby Maryland farm. Wade Breaux, vice president of marketing for BRB, emphasizes that it's a "true farm, not a factory." The 85/15 lean-to-fat patties will be decently sized at 6 oz. with a smaller, "Little Burger" available for a lower price and all will be charbroiled on the grill. The six ouncers will run about $6.50. As for fixings, they'll have a wide variety of gourmet toppings and sauces and, as we saw on their website earlier, some of  them are likely to be chipotle ketchup, wasabi mayo and sweet chili. On the side, it'll be fries –both regular and sweet potato– and chili. When asked about the influx of burger joints in the D.C. area and how BRB will look to stand out, Breaux says they're hoping to fill two unmet consumer needs: value and speed. They feel the quality of their beef, combined with the cost-to-burger ratio is a good value for the consumer. On the speed tip, Breaux says that while most other joints will cook your burger to order each time, during peak hours BRB will offer up just-off-the-grill burgers, topped how you choose, ready to eat in 2-3 minutes. You'll also be able to order with the quickness. Forget walking up to the counter –though you will be able to do that too– BRB is going all internet-y on the burger scene letting you get your grub through 1) an online app, 2) their website,  3) using one of their 3-page touchscreen monitors (we're thinking like Sheetz-- MTO FTW!) and 4) a handheld menu their team members will have in front of the registers– Breuax says its similar to what Apple store employees use. And check this out, each and every burger you order will be saved in your very own "burger account." That's right, a personal burger history menu will keep track of not only how many burgers you stuff into your belly, but, when you find a particularly tasty combo of fixings, the lineup will be right there for the next go-round. Be Right Burger expects to open in Reston Town Center in about three weeks and there's plans to open 2-3 more locations in the near future, with even more to come down the road.

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