Name That Burger & We’ll Hook You Up

Yo, yo burger fools, we got the free burger hook up, so holla if you hear us. The fine folks at the newest burg joint in the area, Reston's Be Right Burger, have graciously hooked Burger Days up with some free burger coupons, and in turn, we're passing the goodness on to a lucky few of our beef-loving readers. But we're not just giving these suckers out willy-nilly. Nah, we want to reward the true burger connoisseurs out there –the ones after our own grease-laden hearts. You say you love burgers? Prove it. Below are photos of five burgers from different joints around the DMV. Correctly name the spots that birthed these beefy beauties and you could snag yourself a free burg from brb. We've got ten coupons, so first ten entries with all five correct answers get the goods. Peep the pics, then send us an email with your name and guesses. Guess with the quickness– the coupons expire August 14. (We'll be posting hints on both Twitter @burgerdays and on our Facebook page.) Hints: • We've written about three of these burgers... • Three are D.C. burgers, one is a Virginia joint and the other has dual citizenship • Burger #1 has Pesto, Burger #2 has Peanut Butter, Burger #3 has Pineapple Salsa, Burger #4 has Caramelized Onions and Burger #5 has a Duck Egg.

Mystery Burger #1

Mystery Burger #2

Mystery Burger #3

Mystery Burger #4

Mystery Burger #5


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