Changing Up the Burgs at Reston’s Be Right Burger


BRB's Wild West could be due for a makeover.

It appears Be Right Burger, the joint which opened just this summer in Reston Town Center, is already looking to revamp their menu with the addition (and possible deletion?) of some new signature burgers. Right now they're soliciting the public's input, via a survey, on 19 different burger creations. While most of the choices are all new, some of the choices look like new takes on existing menu items. The Wild West is one current option that could be up for a face lift; the new version keeps the BBQ sauce, but the mozzarella, mayo, mushrooms and onions get the boot and are replaced with brick cheese, peppered pork and onion rings.  The Shroomin' and Sedona are also up for possible reconstruction. Looking over the list of new ideas, BRB is bringing some pretty hoity-toity ingredients to the ground beef. While we're not above (or is it below?) pairing the meat with watercress, arugula or tapenade, it's rare we find that kinda stuff at dedicated burger joints. I mean, just look at the new Waldorf burger– it's got bleu cheese, walnuts, dried tart cherries, red onions and Dijon Mustard served on a rustic Italian roll. If this one makes the cut, we'll be sure to eat it with our pinkies out. In addition, there's an homage to the King (The Elvis with peanut butter, bacon and fried bananas) and one that appears to be  jumping on the hype of a certain Food Network star's new spot (The Crunch Burger with Bleu Cheese, potato chips, smoked pepper pork, sautéed onions and garlic mayo). But BRB, we ain't mad at ya, that one sounds tasty as hell. Other potential new burgs that get our seal of approval are the Farmland (Limburger, bacon, onion strings, hash browns on toasted French bread), the Fire House Wild Fire (Havarti, provolone, ham, jalapenos and peppeorncini on an Italian roll) and the Big Ben (bleu cheese, BBQ sauce, watercress, bacon, pickled red onions and balsamic mayo on a ciabatta roll). No word on how long the survey is open, how many new burgers will be added or when the changes will take place. Oh, and if the folks at BRB need some experienced burger palates to weigh in on the options, we're sure some of the Crew would be happy to help out. You can find BRB's new signature burger survey here. Note: between the time we first took the survey and reviewed it a few hours later, some of the burger names changed, so just keep that in yo' head.

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