A Korean Winner, Spicy Pimento & Tasty Bunny Sandwiches [BOTM Review]

We’re champions of creativity here at Burger Days– it’s one of the reasons we highlight the area’s special monthly burgers with our BOTM posts. Not content with just reading about them, we also make it our mission to seek out and throw each of these creations into our faces. And now, we’re hitting you with the reviews while THESE BURGERS ARE STILL AROUND, so you can actually find out which of the BOTMs you should eat…or avoid. Our review of April's BOTMs:


 Pimiento Burger  - Bobby's Burger Palace

Pimento cheese is a southern staple but I'm not going to sit here and extol its virtues. It's delicious but isn't exactly highbrow food. The recipe can vary by locale, with Duke's Mayo being a must-have in South Carolina and New Orleans using something else (blasphemy).  My first exposure to the wonder of pimento cheese was in Greenville, South Carolina at the Northgate Soda Shop, a venerable local spot that's included in the George Motz's burger bible Hamburger America.  The pimento cheeseburger there was simple but delicious with no frills, much like the institution it was being served in. The Pimiento BOTM from Bobby's Burger Palace was delicious as well but in a distinctly Bobby Flay way– with cayenne peppers thrown in.  One thing about Bobby's Burger Palace is they're on point with the beef, only the ingredients seem to bring their BOTMs down. This month's offering delivered on both beef and toppings. The pimento had a kick from the cayenne and the bacon was crispy. Combine those with some potato chips on top and you've got yourself a great burger.  There may have been a moment of saltiness but with bacon, potato chips and a seasoned burger, it's to be expected. Plus, that's why you order a nice cold beer to wash it all down. After a few disappointing BOTMs, BPP delivered with the April Pimento Burger. Maybe this isn't the most creative burger, but it's damn good and perfect for the spring. - Adam (@addc) BOTM Rating (out of 10): Taste: 9; Creativity: 5; Overall: 8 Verdict: putitintheface 5 locations in D.C., Maryland and Virginia | bobbysburgerpalace.com   BGRkimcheeburger

Korean BBQ - BGR The Burger Joint

For the second time this year, I found myself with a Korean-inspired burger on my BOTM plate but unlike the offering from BBP, this burger was not shy on flavor.  As I’ve said many times in my BOTM reviews, I’m very much a bacon and cheddar "traditionalist" when it comes to burgers. It’s only recently I’ve been branching out to more exotic flavors. Dijon, aioli, vinaigrettes– none of these renegade flavors were allowed within the vicinity of my medium rare beef. Yet, over the past year I’ve been lessening the flavor sanctions placed upon my beef patties, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive. But fermented vegetables? How well would kimchi actually meld with a burger? The answer is extremely @*#$-ing well.  Every cubic inch of this burger is packed with flavor. Peppered beef, teriyaki BBQ glaze, cilantro, sriracha…and the kimchi. Unlike the Korean burger from BBP, the kimchi here absolutely comes through! In fact, even with each flavor battling for top billing, they all come together in juicy harmony. I had to actively stop myself from devouring it within seconds. It was that damn good. - Matt (@yaysaps)
BOTM Rating (out of 10):
Taste: 9; Creativity: 8; Overall: 9 Verdict: putitintheface 11 locations in D.C., Maryland and Virginia | bgrtheburgerjoint.com   glennclose

Glenn Close - Burger Tap & Shake

Once again, Burger Tap & Shake goes alterna-burger, this time marrying bunny and baby cow together with their limited-time Glenn Close BOTM. Feasting on lambs during Easter is one thing, but grinding up bunnies and putting them into sausage? That's just diabolical. While I can't fully accept this sandwich as a burger –the patty is much more sausage-like than a normal beef burger– it is very, very tasty and an excellent meat-and-bread construction. The veal and rabbit patty wasn't gamy at all and sufficiently juicy with a superb amount of char. The aioli, described as sage-dijon, was nice, giving the sandwich a subtle but noticeable hit of flavor that played nicely with the meat. Completely melted muenster was appreciated but the mild cheese was overshadowed by the aioli and delightfully tangy marsala onions. My one quibble with the Glenn Close was that the piece of lettuce included was so big, it could have passed for a throw rug. Why do places insist on using these unwieldy bits of produce? The only thing holding this burger back from achieving  a higher rating was the fact that it isn't technically a burger. Still, misnomer aside, this is the best BOTM I've had at BTS this year and while it won't satisfy a burger craving (I recommend pairing it with a Big Daddy chaser), it's still plenty good. - Jody (@burgerdays) BOTM Rating (out of 10): Taste: 7; Creativity: 8; Overall: 6.5 Verdict: putitintheface 2200 Pennsylvania Ave NW | DC | burgertapandshake.com  

dogwoodfajitaburgerFajita Burger - Dogwood Tavern

Dogwood Tavern has always been a bit of a conundrum for me, mostly because it's out of my way. I'm not in Falls Church enough that I'd haunt the place- I really only ever go to try their Burger of the Month. This leads to a weird, well, mental back and forth over their burgers. The burger itself is consistently good- always properly seasoned, and their grill guy has to be a genius as I've never seen such consistency in cooking, maintaining a juicy patty and getting a deep, even sear on the outside. And they've had some stellar monthly burger specials (I still recall the Hawaiian burger from last year.) This however, was a good burger, but nothing special, if you follow me. The fajita burger was supposed to have fajita seasonings –cumin, chili, garlic, onion, perhaps some cayenne– but it did not. Salt and pepper, but I expect that on every burger. Also, advertised as having pepper jack, I got no cheese. The onions, mushrooms and peppers were decent, slightly overcooked but not greasy, which is often a problem with fajita veggies (especially the mushrooms, which tend to act as oil sponges when cooked wrong.) For all intents and purposes this wasn't a fajita burger, just a decent burger with sauteed veggies on top. Disappointing, but perhaps kind of a one-off for them. Not going to stop me coming back, but I just never know what to expect from the burger of the month at Dogwood.. Jeb (@jebgavin) BOTM Rating (out of 10): Taste: 8; Creativity: 2; Overall: 6 Verdict: putitinthewaste         132 West Broad Street | Falls Church | dogwoodtavern.com   APRILBOTMrankings 2014YTDBOTMrankingsApr            

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