6 Things We Learned at George Motz’ ‘Hamburger America’ Screening

We were fortunate enough to make it to hamburger man George Motz' screening of "Hamburger America" yesterday at the National Archives and it was a beefy, delicious treat. There was a pretty good-sized turnout at the William G. McGowan Theater where Motz introduced his documentary highlighting eight unique hamburger joints across the U.S. The film's featured spots all had two thigs in common: 1) they were at least 40-years old, and 2) they all used fresh-ground beef. After the screening, Motz talked burgers with the crowd during the follow-up Q&A and book signing sessions.

Six Things We Learned From Yesterday's Afternoon with George Motz:

1) Butter + Burgers = Hell Yes. We instantly added the butter burger at Solly's Grille in Wisconsin to our burger bucket list. (And unless we chase it with a Lipitor-Zocor cocktail, it could very well be the last burger we ever eat.) 2) Grease has no expiration date. 3) Cowboys like mustard on their burgers. And in Oklahoma, if you put mayo on your burger you're a "sissy" and if you go for ketchup, you're a "yankee." 4) New York City's Motz, however, is not a fan of ketchup on burgers. He says it's too sweet and hides the taste of the meat. 5) His favorite D.C. burger joints are Tune Inn and Ben's Chili Bowl (both featured in his book), though he likes the half-smokes at Ben's better than their burgs. He's also a big fan of Five Guys. 6) There are soooo many more burgers we still have to eat.


If you haven't had a chance to pick up a copy of Motz' book, Hamburger America, we highly recommend doing so. It's a bonafide burger bible and gets the Burger Days seal of approval. Also, it makes for one hell of a road trip companion. (Naturally, we followed up the screening with a burger. And while I'm a big lover of the Obama Burger at Good Stuff, I switched it up and went Good Stuff Melt this time, and damn, if it wasn't awesome.)  

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