Oktoberfest should be a holiday. (Photo: BTS)

It's a bratwurst kinda month as two area joints bust out Oktoberfest burgs, another goes double decker on us and an excommunicated burger makes a unnecessary comeback.

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It's September, so football season is here which means pigskin-themed BOTMs and, thankfully, that means pumpkin spice latte burgers. Plus, there's another one jam-packed with oh-so-wonderful pimento cheese.

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We're all about the bunny and baby cow at BTS, BBQ kimchee burger at BGR and Bobby's spicy pimento burger this month.

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Creativity is all over the charts in this month's BOTM lineup with a bunny burger at one end of the spectrum and a tortilla-less fajita creation at the other. Peep the whole April roster inside.

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