This Week in Burger Days: Korean Burgers, D.C. Set to Flip?, a Burger Bailout & More

Arlington's newest burger joint, the latest Top Chef says he's bringing his burgers to D.C., free grub for the feds and more in This Week in Burger Days. Do your best Sam Beckett impression and take the leap for the goods.


Yo Pat, brgr Needs to Buy Some Vowels

Amidst all the new burger spots opening up in the D.C.-area, there's bound to be confusion. Arlington's brgr:shack doesn't help out much with their vowel-challenged moniker, but fortunately, their burgers are on point. [ Grammar Aside, brgr:shack Passes the Test ]  

Top Chef Will Flip Ya for Real

Fresh off of his Top Chef All-Stars win last week, Richard Bilas told Washingtonian he hopes to bring his Flip Burger Boutique to D.C. within the year. We're amped at the news-- especially because it means we're that much closer to trying cheese foam. [ Top Chef Says Flip Burger Coming to D.C. (hopefully) ]  

American-Style, Korean Burger Joint is D.C., Virginia and/or Maryland Bound

The Washington City Paper went all in-depth and wrote that the Korean burger joint Kraze Burger is coming "somewhere in Bethesda." Sounds like more of the same, as we were told last year that Kraze was coming to D.C. and Virginia too. And yet, here we are, still stuck making our own kimchi burgers. [ Korean Kraze Burger Opening Somewhere in Maryland. Or Virginia. Or D.C. ]  

Chef Spike + Foodspotting = Good Stuff

Obviously taking our lead, Spike Mendelsohn and his Good Stuff Eatery have created their very own guide on Foodspotting, challenging burger lovers to photograph their way through his baker's dozen of burgers. (But after you complete our own Burger Days guides, of course.) [ Good Stuff's Burger Challenge ]  

Burger Bailout for the Feds

Z Burger will come to the rescue of many a government worker belly if the fed shuts down next week. The Tenleytown location is hooking up the feds with a free burger a day starting Monday if Congress can't make a budget deal by midnight. [ Free Burgers for Fed Workers at Z Burger ]  

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