Top Chef Says Flip Burger Coming to D.C. (hopefully)

The good burger news keeps coming to D.C. Newly crowned Top Chef Richard Blais (who beat out local boy Mike Isabella in the All-Stars competition this week) says he is bringing his FLIP burger boutique to the District. In an interview with Washingtonian, Blais says he hopes to have his burger concept in D.C. within the year. They were previously eying a location at 7th and H Street, he said, but lost it at the last minute. Flip, with two locations in Atlanta and one in Birmingham, serves up some pretty interesting burgers. A scan of their menu shows their brisket, short rib and hanger steak beef burgers with toppings like Coca Cola ketchup, beef bacon and swiss cheese foam(!). Then they've got their name-sake, the "Flip Burgers," which forgo the beef for patties including turkey, chicken fried chicken, chorizo and blackened shrimp burgers. And shakes? Check out these nutty-ass creations: Nutella and burnt marshmallow, Krispy Kreme, Captain Crunch and foie gras. On the side front, they've got vodka onion rings, buffalo sweetbreads (with more cheese foam; this time of the blue cheese variety), fries and more. The menu looks like a burger joint done over by a.....well, a Top Chef. They do caution that it's just a sample and items could change. But still, even in our craziest dreams we couldn't come up with cheese foam-- and they've got two kinds! Needless to say, we're definitely intrigued by these burgers and can't wait to get a piece. But, really, a foie gras milkshake?    

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