Good Stuff’s Burger Challenge

Arguably the greatest burger events in D.C. are our semi-regular Burger Days where we set out on foot through the streets of the District and stuff as much ground beef as we can into our faces at the area's choice (and not-so-choice) burger joints. It's an epic occasion that not only provides for lasting meaty memories, but it allows us to discover some of the unheralded and overlooked burgers out there. Since many are unable to attend our officially sanctioned Burger Days event, we recreated our burger-y tours on the food porn site Foodspotting. Not only can you follow in our grease-laden footsteps through Burger Days II and III, but if you manage to spot all our items, you get yourself a phatty-boom-batty (it's an industry term) badge. Pretty dope, huh? Well, now one of our favorite D.C. burger joints has their own Foodspotting challenge. Chef Spike (@chefspike) from Good Stuff Eatery on Capitol Hill has created a guide with all of his burgers. Plow through the 13 on his list (but don't forget to snap a pic first) and you'll be the proud owner of Spike Mendelsohn's mug on a virtual button. Quick on the draw, we've already started our quest to knock down Spike's baker's dozen with the Prez Obama burger already in the books, but there's one significant roadblock sitting in our way: the Vegetarians Are People Too 'Shroom Burger. I'm sure once we get the 11 other burgers into our system, we'll be able to swallow our beefy pride and eat the mushroom masquerading as a slice of cow. But our inner-carnivore shudders just thinking about it.  

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