This Week in Burger Days: brgr:days, a CT Three-fer, Wiinky’s Debuts & Eater Goes Burger-y

An official Burger Days creation hits the streets, we take a trip up 95 for some burger history, Ballston gets a new joint (this is not a repeat) and another excuse to knock back some beef on a bun. Daddy Mac and Mac Daddy encourage you to jump, jump for This Week in Burger Days.  

We Get Our Own Burger

We think we have a pretty good deal going. We eat burgers and then we write about them. That's it. It makes us, and our stomachs, very, very happy.  (Our belts and doctors, not so much). And just when we think it couldn't possibly get any better, we get hit with an official Burger Days burger. It ain't something we cooked up in our kitchen either-- this is the real deal from the pros. Ballston's brgr:shack hooked it up by making our creation their burger of the month for April. There's only a little over a week left to get this delicious beast, so get moving. [ Now You Can Eat Us]  

Burger Days Does Connecticut

Earlier this month, we took a run through Connecticut and got a taste of three of the most historic burgers in the world. The CT burger triple started out with the birthplace of the hamburger, Louis' Lunch in New Haven, then a stop at Ted's Restaurant, one of the only spots anywhere you can get a steamed burger, and rounded out with a funky-looking cheeseburger construction at Shady Glen. [ Burger-ing Through Connecticut ]  

Wiinky's Opens With the Quickness

Just four days after learning of the upcoming joint, Wiinky's is now churning out grub in Ballston. There's no sign yet, so you better know where your going (3902 Wilson) if you want to hit 'em up. The BD crew is waiting until after their official grand opening next month before we visit, but some initial reports are already in.  [ That Was Fast: Wiinky's Now Open in Ballston ]  

Eater DC's Burger Week Starts Monday

Our celebration of National Hamburger Week is still three weeks away, but those looking for an excuse to ratchet up their burger eating can thank the folks at Eater who have declared next week their own Burger Week. Right now, the details are still scant, but as soon as we find out more, we'll let you know. [ Eater Jumps the Gun on Burger Week ]

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