Wiinkys’ Burgers Ballston Bound

Like a bunch of sweet, tasty weeds, burger joints are sprouting up all over the place. The latest development is the discovery of Wiinkys, coming to Arlington. ARLnow.com spotted the sign in the storefront of the old space that used to house Papi Pollo and Pike Grill on Wilson Boulevard in Ballston. A look at some weird, prototype version of their website bills the joint as a "fast casual restaurant known for its freshly prepared burger and hot dogs," and the mission to serve the best tasting burgers to the people of the D.C. area. It also shows the trademarked tagline "Grilled Fresh." Well, thank God for that. In addition to the burgers, their menu shows an assortment of subs, salads, wings, sides and hot dogs. As for the burgs, they've got the standard fare but also the (help us) "gourmet" selections including the Wiink, Swiss, French, Alamo and SOB. The prices seem very decent, ranging from 5 to 8 bucks. We also spied an item detailing a "Hungry Hour" with $4.99 burgers from 3 - 5 p.m. Interesting. Again, the website looks like a demo, so we're not sure if any of this is final and wouldn't be surprised to see some changes. We've contacted the spot via an email on the site and will have any further info as we get it. The sign on the storefront at 3902 Wilson indicates an opening in Spring of this year. [Thanks for the tip, Nancy!]

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