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All that hype that D.C. was becoming a 24-hour city seems a bit premature as The Hamilton is no longer an open all-day and all-night spot and U Street's new Black & Orange location has shaved their hours as well. The 14th St. burger joint is no longer open 'til 5 a.m. every night.

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Black and Orange made a splash with the debut of their new location in the U Street Corridor, slinging out mini-burgers galore to revelers during their VIP grand opening party last night.

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Black and Orange breaks the seal on their new spot in the U Street Corridor tonight, and we're particularly thrilled that they're doing it up right with a VIP grand opening party. All burger joints should be welcomed in with such gusto.

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It's a bit embarrassing it took us this long to hit up Fast Gourmet, the greasy-spoon-in-a-gas-station in the U Street corridor. But we finally did and it was just about everything we hoped it would be.

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