Super Grilled CheeseBurger All Up In Yo’ Face


Fatty Melt of Our Dreams.

Bread. Cheese. Onions. BURGER. Cheese. Bread. Bacon. Tomatoes. Cheese. Bread.*

The Crew took a half-dozen of these things to our faces this weekend and still managed to walk outta the joint. We suggest you do the same.

The Super Grilled CheeseBurger: available at Stoney's for the rest of April in celebration of National Grilled Cheese Month.

* And a bunch of butter.

**And yeah, we likes 'em rare.

  • burgerdays

    baldinger It’s all in the pacing. (And the medication.)

  • MrDCsports

    JLevin28 that looks excellent…damn it does.

    • JLevin28

      MrDCsports haha I am in to have it tonight if you want. Kliman happens to discuss pizza in his chat today.

      • MrDCsports

        JLevin28 nice lol…I’m checking it out

        • JLevin28

          MrDCsports I highly recommend reading his chats every Tuesday. He is the food Czar!

        • JLevin28

          MrDCsports toddkliman I noticed you didn’t mention District of PI or We the Pizza in your chat today. Has 2Amy’s pizza fallen off?

        • JLevin28

          MrDCsports toddkliman Have you had pizza at Pacci’s in Silver Spring I have heard good things. Keep up the great work!

        • toddkliman

          JLevin28 MrDCsports It’s been in decline for a while now, though you can still get great ones from time to time. The other 2: very decent.

        • JLevin28

          toddkliman MrDCsports that’s is very upsetting news. It has been a while since I have been to 2Amy’s. How are Edan’s pizzas at Range?

    • JLevin28

      MrDCsports really surprised he doesn’t recommend 2Amy’s he must have had bad luck there. I am not a fan of Pete’s but a lot of ppl are

  • Jpizzle82

    JLevin28 VikingFan1982 hopefully no pickle or mustard.

    • JLevin28

      Jpizzle82 VikingFan1982 twins are one out away!

    • JLevin28

      Correct “Jpizzle82: JLevin28 VikingFan1982 hopefully no pickle or mustard. ”

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