Stoney’s is Making the Ultimate Fatty Melt for Grilled Cheese Month [Oh F*ck Yeah]


Put this in your face and eat it.

Break out the napkins and do an extra bump or two of Lipitor, because if the news alone doesn't give you arrhythmia, taking a bite of this thing will surely do the trick. Since this is National Grilled Cheese Month and we celebrate all food-related holidays with the utmost of reverence, we thought long and hard about how to show our love and respect for the sandwich. In true Burger Days-style, of course. And then, like a greasy, cholesterol-filled lightning bolt it hit us: a Fatty Melt. But not just any Fatty Melt. This hamburger-grilled-cheese combo would need to come from a joint with a history of burger slingin' and cheese grillin' excellence. So we reached out to our friends at Stoney's Lounge, certified experts in both of the above, and they in turn have come up with the ultimate answer to our gluttonous desires. For the rest of the April, in honor of Grilled Cheese Month, Stoney's will serve the Super Grilled CheeseBurger-- a club-style sandwich made with thick farm white bread featuring a top level housing the burger, sautéed onions and melted American cheese and bottom half with bacon, tomatoes and more gooey, melty and delicious cheese. This heaven on a plate comes to the table, and your face, with a side of fries for $12.95. Yeah, D.C., this is happening. Get yo' bellies ready. Stoney’s Lounge | 1433 P St. NW | DC |

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