Good Stuff Rocks Crystal City Friday, Opens to Public Wednesday


Gearing up for their public opening this Wednesday, Spike Mendelsohn and the Good Stuff Eatery crew threw a VIP Grand Opening party this past Friday at their brand spankin' new Crystal City joint. The red carpeted (seriously) burger bonanza was packed with partiers munching on burgers, fries, chili, chocolate and yes, even salads, all the while slamming down glass after glass of beer, wine and champagne. Chef Spike was front and center, glad handing around the joint as cameras filmed the shin dig for "Life After Top Chef."

Providing the burger-eating soundtrack, DJ Josh Madden cranked out the tunes for the crowd, and while the dance floor was packed with bumpers and grinders, the Crew kept it parked near a table for easy access to the booze and passed grub (passed by scantily clad ladies no less. We weren't mad. Not. One. Bit). On the menu were mini versions of Good Stuff's Colletti's Smokehouse, Prez Obama and 'Shroom burgers. Naturally, we did it up the Burger Days way and took down five of each. Good Stuff Crystal City opens to the public this Wednesday at 2110 Crystal City Drive in Arlington.

The party was bumpin' so hard, the letters got rocked off the damn wall.

Yes, we even ate one of these.

Good Stuff Eatery | 2110 Crystal City Drive | Arlington |   

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