Fresh-to-Death Burger Days Threads


What better way to bring in 2012 than with some new, beefy burger threads?

Inspired by our recent experience with this greasy ball of joy, we designed a fresh-to-death Burger Days tee to let everyone know how we roll. Front and center is the Crew's credo, "Grease is F*@#ing Good" while the BD logo gets some love on the top back of the shirt. Simple. Stylish. Delicious. While this here burger-eating attire is available for purchase (we don't make a dime on the shirts– all we get is the delight in seeing our love for burgers on blast around town), we're giving away one of these beauties to our readers. All you gotta is spread a little burger love by 1) following us on Twitter @burgerdays and 2) retweeting the message "I'm keeping it beefy with @burgerdays in D.C. #burgers #dc" and you'll automatically be entered in the drawing. (Liking us on Facebook wouldn't hurt either.) For an extra chance at winning this fine-ass piece of burger swag, leave a comment below letting us know your favorite burger in the D.M.V.  Go ahead, shout it out, be descriptive, let us know all the juicy details of what you think is the area's best. (And, yes, we know the shirts ain't exactly cheap, but it's 'cause they're print-as-you-go. If we get enough interest, we may get a bunch printed up so we can hook you up at a lower price– so if you see one you want to sport, drop us a line. Word 'em up.)  

  • jebgavin

    Quarryhouse Tavern. By far.

    • Burger Days

      @jebgavin Silver Spring, eh? We’ve had Quarry House on our list for a while now– still need to hit that one up though. Any specific burger combos we should look for?

      • jebgavin

        @Burger Days It’s not about a particular combo. It’s a matter of the quality and taste of the burger and THEN everything else. I keep having this argument with people obsessed with Ray’s. It’s not a bad burger, but you cover shoe leather in brie and bone marrow, and it’ll be edible. QHT has the best ground, best cooked, best tasting burger I’ve had in the area. The bun is a bit of a letdown, literally and figuratively, but considering the most important aspects of a burger should be the meat and what you do with it, it’s QHT FTW, ATW.

        • Burger Days

          @jebgavin Completely agree– the beef is where it’s at. Word ’em up.

  • MattSapsford

    The D.M.V is rich with burger goodness, but if I gotta narrow it down, it’s between the Big Daddy Burger from B.T.S. and the Texas Burger from Stoney’s…….both so good. Both so very very good…..

  • AdamChandler

    Red White and Blue July BTOM from BGR is my top

  • Wipps

    Lovin’ the new shirt. It just went to the top of my Christmas wish list.

  • the DC AM

    I’ll take one, do you sell them in XXXXXXXXXXL?

  • I’ll second the Quarry House Tavern suggestion!

    • Burger Days

      This one has shot up our burger to-do list– can’t wait to get a piece of it. Thanks for the shout out!

  • NOM NOM Boris

    love it! 🙂

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