City Burger + Burger Days = Monte Cristo Burger This Thursday [YOU’RE WELCOME]

cbmonte3 OK, guys, the burger breather is over. Just over a week after our seven-burgers-in-seven-days celebration, it's time to belly up to the beef once more for National Hamburger Day this Thursday. Doing our best to keep your pants snug, we've again teamed up with a local burger joint for more ravenous revelry and, since we totally snubbed our neighbors to the north during National Hamburger Week, this time we're bringing the tasty-tasty to Maryland. While an egg-battered-and-deep-fried ham sandwich may seem extreme for some, come on, this is Burger Days – that barely raises an eyebrow around here. So for one day – and one day only – City Burger in Bethesda will be blessing bellies with this beautiful bundle of meat-filled joy: the Monte Cristo Burger. All the goodness of the classic fried ham-and-cheese sandwich but with a burger thrown into the mix. You're welcome. Will you just look at that beautiful bastard? Deep fried buns? Check. And with a sprinkling of powdered sugar, French toast-style. Cheese? Yeah, that's some melty, gooey cheddar. Ham? Yup and it's fancy, too: there's rosemary-and-garlic roasted pork in there. Jelly? Yessir! But rather than waste time dipping your sandwich, the whole thing is drenched in a blackcurrant and strawberry compote so you can get this thing to your face faster. And about that burger. City Burger's Monte Cristo comes stock with a turkey patty and if you're feeling the bird, there's no need for a substitution. But like a pack of greasy Meghan Trainors, you know we're all about that beef here at Burger Days and the fine folks at City Burger will be more than happy to switch it up to the cow if you want to roll like us. The Burger Days Monte Cristo Burger is available for $8.99 only on this Thursday, May 28 at City Burger in Bethesda. Merry Burger Day, everyone! City Burger | 7015 Wisconsin Avenue | Bethesda |

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