It’s National Hamburger Day So Go Forth & Feast

cbmonte2 Celebrate and rejoice– it's National Hamburger Day! There's just one thing you need to do today. We know what it is. You know what it is. Do we really need to spell it out for you? If you fail to consume at least one burger today – the bare minimum amount of beefage required to adequately show your adulation for the sandwich of all sandwiches – well, then you'll be kicked out of the Burger Lovers Club. Sorry, but thems the rules. Fortunately, there's plenty of joints that will happily hook you up with a meat-and-bun stack. We've teamed up with City Burger for the Monte Cristo Burger (pictured above), a gluttonous gift of greasy delight combining fried buns with ham, cheese and a berry compote on beef or turkey – available today only – at their Bethesda spot and, for the D.C. crowd, Station 4's rich-as-can-be smoked wagyu burger (below) is 25% off tonight only. Happy National Hamburger Day everyone! Go forth and feast. station4wagyu

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