DuPont Burger Envy

While Shake Shack has been making the bellies of the Crew and many others plenty happy, not everyone is thrilled with the N.Y.C. transplant. In Chris Shott's City Paper feature on the upcoming new location of Black & Orange (formerly Rogue States), B&O chef and owner Raynold Mendizabal comes across sounding a wee bit bitter of his new neighbor in DuPont. Concerning their forced-closure and Shake Shack's ensuing arrival, the City Paper quotes the lamenting Mendizabal, "We created a market and when we had to close, they opened. And now they're feeding off the market we created." Um, we're pretty sure Shake Shack would still be doing  juuuust fine if Rogue States hadn't closed. Shit, if Rogue States never existed, Shake Shack would still have lines around the block. Don't get us wrong, we like Black & Orange– we just don't think the Shack needs any help getting a crowd. B&O's new joint is shooting for an opening before Christmas near the corner of 14th and U St. NW.

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