Beef (or lack thereof) With Food & Wine’s Best Burger List

We know this rant is coming just a week after our Zagat-list post, but we couldn't let this one slide. Food & Wine Magazine just put out their "25 Best Burgers in the U.S." list yesterday and, for the most part, it's a pretty solid collection. While we hesitate to endorse any top-whatever list, they did a good job on 96% of this one.

We bet Miranda and Charlotte would love this "burger." (Photo © Michael Lamotte.)

It has most of the classics –In-N-Out, Dyer's, Louis' Lunch, Ted's, White Manna, etc.– and you gotta give it for the the local joints, Ray's Hell Burger and Palena, for cracking the list. But they screwed up one choice in a big way. Chillin' at the 12 spot on F&W's list is Gott's Roadside in Cali with the prettiest, most delightful looking... Ahi tuna burger? Give us a freakin' break. Each of the other 24 burgers on the list include beef–“ every single one. You're telling us you couldn't find a photogenic beef burger at a place they call "the undisputed favorite for 'comfort craving' especially burgers" ? Instead, we're treated to a glamor shot of a seared Ahi tuna slab with some fancy coleslaw. And on top of that, it's served along side a glass of white wine?! Comfort food, my ass. That shit belongs on "Sex and the City," not a Best Burgers in America list. Again, big ups to Ray's and Palena for hanging with the best in the nation, we just wish the company were better.  

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