The Salvadoran Stack AKA Burgusa is Here to Make Burgers Great Again


All you need to know: PUPUSAS AS BURGER BUNS.

In honor of meat masters Schweid & Sons’ campaign to “Make Burgers Great Again,” we wanted to do our part in pushing the ground-beef-sandwich construction game to the limit. Make no mistake, we’re no strangers to burger excess with past creations including both The Definitive Breakfast Burger and our super-sized Buffalo Mac ‘N Cheesey Burger among others. We’re going all out once again, but this time, we decided to do a little something international.

jalapenocremaThe idea for our latest creation came during a trip to a local Salvadoran joint near Burger Days Headquarters. As were were tossing pupusa after pupusa into our face holes, relishing the warm cheesy goodness, it got us thinking – in all our years of downing God knows how many massive, bat-shit-crazy burger monstrosities, how have we never had one that incorporated a pupusa? And then it hit us: PUPUSAS AS BURGER BUNS. Boom.

With the foundation for the burger laid, we hit the lab and after a lot of research, tasting and time, we emerged from the kitchen with the blueprint for THE SALVADORAN STACK, also known as the BURGUSA.

If you don't know about roasted jalapeno crema, you better ask somebody.

If you don’t know about roasted jalapeno crema, you better ask somebody.

It all starts on the bottom with a hot-from-the-griddle, cheese-stuffed pupusa which we then topped with curtido, a cabbage salad/relish that’s a must-serve with pupusas and adds crunch to the stack. On top of the curtido is the beef patty which in turn is topped with a couple of plátanos fritos – fried plantains – adding substantially more crunch and some saltiness. And since you can never have enough meat (one of our many, many mottos), we topped the plantains with a mound of Salvadoran-style-seasoned shredded pork known as chicharrón Salvadoreno, officially sending our burger game to the next level.

Enough is never enough in the Burger Days kitchen, so after the second helping of meat, we topped the whole damn thing with a fat-ass dollop of roasted jalapeno crema, bringing a nice bit of heat to the mix, before finally crowning our Salvadoran Stack with the second cheese pupusa.

When in doubt, fry it.

When in doubt, fry it.

Finally, to wash it all down, we copped a Mexican Coke.

“Boom!” might be an understatement.

And since our whole goal is to Make Burgers Great Again, we can only use the best, so for the centerpiece of our Burgusa, we nabbed some of Schweid & Sons’ The One Percenter beef – a 75/25 blend of 100% Certified Angus Beef USDA Prime chuck. Since Donald Trump is a fellow one-percenter, we’re sure he’d approve, too. (Though, since this is a Central American-themed burger, then again, maybe he’d just build a wall around it.)

Probably the closest we'll ever get to the one percent.

Probably the closest we’ll ever get to the one percent.

So, this one’s for you Schweid & Sons, and your efforts to make burger great again. We just hope The Donald doesn’t try to deport it.

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