Thunder Burger Says ‘No’ to Lion Burgers

Looks like Thunder Burger won't be serving up lion after all. After receiving flack from animal groups last week, the Georgetown burger joint issued a statement on their Facebook page today stating they won't be serving any cat-, dog- or horse-related animals.  "Simply put, we will NOT serve any animal that is feline, canine or equine," it says. Whew. Can't say we were looking forward to a horse burger. The spot's new "Wild Wednesday" promotion, featuring a different wild-game dish each week, kicked-off two weeks ago with alligator ribs and then followed up with ostrich burgers last week. For tomorrow's special, they've got kangaroo sliders with a teriyaki glaze on tap. We've yet to experience the taste of the marsupial, but Thunder Burger GM Ryan Wolfe told us it's a lean but tender meat with a flavor "somewhere between ostrich and venison."  He also said it pairs great with a DC Brau Corruption IPA. Giiddyup.

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