Stoney’s Does it Again: Enter the Boss of the Sauce


Are we living in a burger utopia or what? Not only does a new joint open up every other week in the D.M.V., but now, a spot that puts out one of our favorite burgers around has added another dy-no-fucking-mite creation to its lineup. Stoney's, the creator of the sublime One Eye and the just-as-amazing Texas Burger, debuted their massive, messy and downright delicious Boss of the Sauce burger last week. As soon as we got the news this sucker had hit the scene, our weekend burger plans were set. On Saturday we made a beeline for Logan Circle and dove into the sloppy beast and got daaaamn if it's not every bit as glorious as it looks. This beautiful, brand new burger masterpiece doesn't mess around. Along with their massive beef patty, Stoney's throws on a fat stack of pastrami, coleslaw, 1000 Island dressing, melted Swiss and slaps it all on a toasted, poppy-seeded-onion roll. It's huge and it's spectacular. We've already certified this nascent burger a winner and if there ever was a Stoney's option that let's us, dare we say, overlook the One Eye, this is it. Stoney's Lounge | 1433 P St. NW | DC |

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