Shake Shack Joins the Breakfast Game at Union Station

breakfasttray Shake Shack, it's not just for lunch or dinner anymore. Today, the popular burger joint officially enters the D.C. breakfast game, slinging early morning sandwiches at its Union Station location beginning at 7 a.m. Just like its original burger lineup, Shake Shack's breakfast selection is small, simple and traditional. A scant three sandwiches deep, each one starts with egg and American cheese and then adds either bacon or sausage. Culinary directory Mark Rosati says they wanted to make a classic New York deli sandwich – squishy bun and all – only elevated. But how do you elevate something as simple as a breakfast sandwich? Well, it helps if NY meat man extraordinaire Pat LaFrieda is in the mix. LaFrieda, who supplies the beef for Shake Shack's NY and D.C. stores, worked with Rosati for two months on grinding techniques, fat content and more, perfecting the sausage for the sandwiches.  In fact, Rosati says the sausage, egg and cheese – which he calls "the star of the show" – is prepared just like its Shackburger counterpart, complete with a griddle smash and everything. "It echoes our hamburger," says Rosati, and it shows. The sausage sandwich is clearly the best of the new trio.
Forget the bacon and go sausage for breakfast at the Union Station Shake Shack.

Forget the bacon and go sausage for breakfast at the Union Station Shake Shack.

Along with the sandwiches, the Union Station Shack also now serves Portland's Stumptown coffee including a Shack-exclusive blend plus two types of cold brew. For the caffeine-free crowd, there's orange and apple juices. Breakfast at the Union Station Shake Shack is available starting today from 7 a.m. until 10:30 a.m. every Monday through Friday. Shake Shack | 50 Massachusetts Avenue NW | DC | (Don't get your hopes up Dupont, F Street and Tysons – this is only their third U.S. location slinging breakfast after NYC's JFK and Grand Central Terminal, so we wouldn't plan on any Shack sausage, egg and cheesin' any time soon.)

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